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Over 25 Years of not-for-profit services

For over 25 years Visionworks has worked with not-for-profit organizations assisting them put their vision to work. Visionworks, successfully served over 100 different clients and ministries assisting them in putting their “vision to work”. From executive coaching, to board training and organizational strategic planning Visionworks has effectively seen organizations and ministries grow faster and fund more effectively their causes  than previously believed possible. Visionworks breadth of experience has also allowed them to serve a variety of clients in multiple industries from: camps and conference centers, rescue missions, private schools and universities, crisis pregnancy centers, to para-church organizations such-as Love Inc, Youth for Christ and Habitat for Humanity. 

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More About Us

Kent Wallace - Founder/President


Kent has worked for over 25 years in the not-for-profit industry.  He has been a popular and  gifted speaker presenting to organizations and groups for over 40 years. His motivating and engaging style captures the audiences attention all the while drawing them to a point of application and life-change.

Mark Davidhizar - Senior Consultant


Mark Davidhizar is a 30 year veteran in ministry leadership. His extensive experience with boards, development and strategic leadership has specifically suited him to serve not-for-profit leadership.  Mark is passionate about teaching, equipping, and helping organizations to accomplish their mission.  

About Us

Becky Wallace - Speaker


Becky is an engaging and vivacious communicator. Becky's experience as a mother of seven with a work-from-home business uniquely prepared her to relate to both the mom and career woman . She loves to laugh, learn and lead women to accomplish all that the Lord has put in them to do. Simply put, "She inspires." 

Joni Brummel - Speaker


Joni is one of the most gifted Biblical teachers you could ever hear. She takes you on a journey as she unfolds the lessons of scripture in practical daily application. Her hearts desire is to see women living a full and free life that comes from following Jesus Christ.